Should you use the bitcoin code

Should You Buy Bitcoin now, or at least wait a little? Who can answer this question applicable, will earn a lot bitcoin code of money soon with either a short or long. An accurate statement, no one can make, but look at the times. Now invest in Bitcoin?

Buy Bitcoin code now?

Many major newspapers think they either know exactly when the bubble bursts or where the course next year stands at this time. But we must not forget that three factors for the Bitcoin are crucial. First, the history , that is the question see the full bitcoin code review on onlinebetrug which comes from the price. In second place, after which the measured value and third, the big question that keeps hype on?

We are currently in a hype that has taken by the Internet community strong momentum. I myself first heard of Bitcoin, was insolvent as Mt. Gox. The first purchase I-actuated when the price is still below 2,000 € was. At the time of this article, but the price is about 8,400 €.

But now, of course, to the points I have mentioned bitcoin code input.

The history of Bitcoin

We all know that Bitcoin is basically a technical philosophical answer to Wall Street and the turbo-capitalism with bankruptcy protection. In a time before 2008 every merchant for his debts and his actions had to stand straight. After 2008, there was simply the systemic importance. I am indeed as a business person, the meaning is clear, after all, a bankruptcy of banks and related crisis would be a lengthy and expensive process especially healing.

This process of healing would be necessary and right have been if he had since taken place. But worse, it makes up in the political career is not good, especially for the president of the United States, Mrs. Merkel and the European institutions.

The answer to this crisis was an algorithm that sets the clock to zero basically. Everyone could do with a Bitcoin. A Bitcoin was once not even worth a penny. That was 2008. The value is increased by 80,000,000% in 2008. These values ​​of Bitcoin has reached in less than 10 years. Of course it was not always straight up, but there were a few crashes here with. One should not forget, in November and September of Bitcoin corrected in a few days by 30%, and then take even more driving. But now the question is, does that so?

The Snowball

Some Bitcoin enthusiasts will probably read this stop here. Finally, I have now made a connection with a snowball and Bitcoin is not a pyramid scheme. In principle this is true, but the question is not based on what it should be, but what it is doing now .

I am active in many Facebook groups, both in Germany, as well as in English. While at the beginning of the year 2017 still predominantly the subject block chain, standing application and sustainable added value in the foreground, it is now mostly the question, why not increase Bitcoin today .

Bitcoin is by definition a means of payment, but currently it’s more speculation, as the for which it was intended. The result is that more and more people come in the hope in the market that the price continues to rise. Currently he does too, even if it is between small setback. Interestingly, the Bitcoin is, however, become a plaything of speculation and thus by his rapid rise to a new asset in the portfolio. But not Here you will find handpicked legitimate providers before the rescue of Wall Street and the next crash.

That, in turn, has the result that more and more new participants entering the market. These participants to 1 million euros not to sell the long-term success or enforcement as payment in mind, but a BTC. I think this is but a harmful process, clearly wants you, and you hope that you have found the golden Rentenkuh here. But the price can give rise only as long as give new participants entering the market. For this reason, you should continue to look at the market carefully.

Hype about nothing?

At the beginning of the millennium, you just had to do something with the Internet, it now extends into its business plan, the word block chain to drop and you get as much money as you want. Not too long ago, there were the jute bags, Burger stores, hipsters and social media, so it is relevant today, if one is familiar with the block chain.

I recently saw a video with the basic question, “Are there any rebels”? The response of YouTubers was, no it no longer exists.

What I mean to say, many think in the area of ​​block chain that they are rebels and thus are against the system. Through this rebellious hype of Bitcoin will continue to rise. However, these people have not yet understood that each trend and hype once comes to an end or can find.

The value of Bitcoin is not dependent on how much the positive or negative press reports about it. Bitcoin remains “trendy” as long as the value increases and each order can be a bit of a rebel. But the more people the more insignificant is the rebel who is behind it pay attention to Bitcoin. In the end it is too mainstream?

Conclusion and where does it go?

How can one summarize the easiest now. Bitcoin has a chance in the long term and its existence authorization. The Bitcoin price will continue to rise and it stays that once this way. While there are some risks in the market, but with a small investment, you can not go wrong. As long, of course, diversification remains.

Risky, however, I see several Altcoins. I must say, the only values in which I still invest would, would BTC, ETH, DASH or BCH. All other increasingly losing their power. Because you should not forget in the field block chain is also needed a power. You can see it over and over again in the field of Forks and debate.

However, I let myself and I would also advise you not to make crazy it. This is pure politics and an investment decision based on political debate has never led to a good investment. The exception is, you have inside knowledge and that’s not a criminal offense in the area Bitcoin and crypto currencies.